What Are You Contributing?

BodyThoughts - Vancouver Series is a 4-day art pop-up.

Our aim is to have guests interact with and digest art in a new way. The experience is designed as an interactive, multi-medium show, that plays with the use of light, sound, photographs and performance and explores questions like: How do you feel in your body? What are you using your body to say? How do you hide your body? How do you display your body? How does your body betray you? How do you decide what is beautiful? BodyThoughts is a new take on the possibility of what an art experience can be.

As a photographer, I felt that I was cheating. I used angles to capture the body in a way I was told was beautiful. Once I developed this awareness I became very conscious about what I was putting into the world, and that’s why I wanted to step in front of the lens.

Alexa Mazzarello


Thursday-Saturday (7-10pm)

One ticket for $15. Three tickets for $36. Limited space available!


Thursday-Sunday (12-5pm)

By donation (suggested $10)


Sunday (7-10pm)

Open to everyone!


*Prints for sale! $35

*All photography by Alexa Mazzarello