Doors at 7PM

Weekend 1 - February 11-14: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Weekend 2 - February 18-21: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Online: $25
At the Door: $35

Provides admission to ONE BodyThoughts Experience & TWO drink tickets.

At a BodyThoughts experience, guests are immersed in a multi-medium space where large format self-portraits, a personal audio interview, questions for private reflection, and an interactive dialogue invite people to have a new conversation about how they experience the world through their bodies.

BodyThoughts is a popup art experience designed by a photographer, Alexa Mazzarello, and former model, Erica McDonald, to shift the way women are represented in the world.

With over five hundred people through the doors in Vancouver, the impact was unique and palpable, and the need to expand the conversation to a broader audience became apparent.


BodyThoughts is a space to talk about body image, and our role as both content consumers and creators. On the one hand, the goal is to challenge conventional thoughts about the way we think about our bodies. It is also a call to action for content creators to become conscious about the content they put into the world. And, it is a place for individuals to start asking questions about the content they are ‘liking’.

By attending a BodyThoughts experience, you participate in something bigger than yourself.