The old Detox Market was perfect for our needs.

Looking through the window, we knew 367 King Street W was THE space for the Toronto BodyThoughts show. On the corner of King and Blue Jays Way, there was significant foot, car, and streetcar traffic to ignite the BodyThoughts conversation in the heart of Toronto.

Additionally, the space allowed BodyThoughts to remain independent from any art gallery affiliation. BodyThoughts could be it’s own entity.

And, the layout was ideal to construct the art pop-up experience.

Slowly, we’ve been developing the space.

First it received a thorough clean, a fresh paint job and the vinyl was removed.

Then, the lightbox was exposed. (So cool we had a rapper photoshoot - Johnny Active)

The sign was replaced.

We put up some of the custom prints.

And now, the installation of the custom benches and lights is underway…

We also picked up the custom lights from our contractor in Ottawa.

We have a long way to go until the show is ready to launch, but for now, we're pretty excited about the transformation!

Can’t wait for the February 11 launch!!

Buy tickets in advance to get the $25 early bird ticket. The price increases to $35 February 11.
Weekend 1: Feb 11-14
Weekend 2: Feb 18-21
Doors @ 7PM