Images that SAY Something | "BodyBall is my female form as a message."

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BodyBall is inspired by this finding: “The viewing of oneself as an object to be looked at leaves women with reduced cognitive capacity to perform in the world,” from Costing the Invisible, a research paper published in the UK. BodyBall uses an unpublished self-portrait taken in the original series captured for BodyThoughts, and places it onto a black and white digital canvas.

From artist, Alexa Mazzarello,

"My body curled up in a ball with the darkness below me represents the accumulated loss of female freedom and contribution in the world due to the over-objectification and hypersexualization of the female form. Imagine if we could quantify what has been lost? As a female photographer who has worked with many women and girls, as an academic, as a citizen, and as a sister, daughter, friend, and partner, BodyBall is my female form as a message, a call out to you, to use your voice to stand for gender equality."

All posters will be for sale in the BodyThoughts pop-up shop located at 367 King Street W. launching February 11.