The BodyThoughts Story - Mini-Documentary

We're excited to announce the launch of the BodyThoughts mini-documentary! It tells a beautiful story of the origins of BodyThoughts, and what motivated Alexa to step behind the lens herself. Director Elena Sarasom spent months developing and editing the film to create the beautiful story you see here. (Note: the film is NSFW)

To quote Elena,

"In October, I was mesmerized by an artist named Alexa Mazzarello. She put on an art show in Vancouver titled BodyThoughts where she unashamedly bore it all in large blown up photographs of sections of her body. They were deliberately not Photoshopped, nor did they display any particular attempt at posing. It was real, it was raw, and in that space, for that period of time was cultivated a conversation about body truths. Truths that have begged for vindication over eras. This was a platform. Not the same as driving by a Dove billboard and being left with an fleeting afterthought, it was a container - 4 walls, 6 photos, and people to discuss what's real. It intrigued me to the point of approaching Alexa to shoot a short film about her story and the BodyThoughts mission. She got real, let me into her home, poured a cup of coffee, undressed to take photos of her authentic self, and allowed me to document it. There was a tangible and gallant purity to it all. I'm impressed by the 'let be' more than the 'fight' spirit of it. It just is. A body, a story, a thought, a new conversation."

Thank you for supporting the BodyThoughts conversation, and thank you for watching. <3

Directed, Filmed, and Edited by Elena Sarasom. Event footage by Dave Watkins.