WEEKEND 1 in the 6IX. Here’s a RECAP.

Hello Toronto!

Our first weekend in the 6ix was amazing! We had the pleasure of meeting many incredible individuals who shared beautiful thoughts, stories and experiences. Thank you for contributing to BodyThoughts and adding your voice to this important conversation.

We’re excited to share our new BodyThoughts Toronto video! We’ll be traveling and visiting other cities, so we thought it was important to get grounded in our neighbourhood here in Toronto’s capital. Finding ourselves down the street from Tiff Lightbox, CBC, MUCH music and SportsNet has been pretty surreal. Thank you to Cameron Gunn and Matthew Raponi for helping us to tell this important story!

Anna Haines, our resident photographer, is behind the scene at every experience, capturing the mood and vibe of BodyThoughts each evening. Here are a collection of shots she's captured:

After this first week, we also thought it was valuable to to share some of the thoughts guests have shared about their experience. The BodyThoughts space is an honest, meditative and safe place. The incredible thing we’ve found is that those thoughts that seem to be individual, are in fact often universal. Thank you to those who have openly shared with us. Your words and energy are so special.

I feel like I have gone through life, waiting to start living - which will be when I have a flat stomach. That makes me sad because here I am so totally alive! I’ve always wanted to fly - I hope soon I find the strength to let my mind soar. Because, in some ways, I feel like it’s my body that holds my mind back. I never realized it might be the other way around.
As a hairy, skinny, Arab gay man I came out in an environment that celebrated white, hairless, fit men. Living in my body every day gave me anxiety. Anxiety that existed under my skin and on my skin. It wasn’t until an ex-flame of mine told me that I’d essentially be more attractive if I worked out that I felt the need/drive to bulk up. I think about him every time I’m at the gym. That primal, insecure need to impress him morphed to me doing it because it felt good to me. Now I’m working towards existing in my body and seeing these supposed imperfections for what they are: deviations from the norm.
As a visual artist, I connected with this experience the way it kept being referred to as a lens…and the sense of responsibility for other people as the visual medium. I have far too many thoughts and emotions to share every wonderful, sad, nostalgic thing I got from this show.