VIDEO: The BodyThoughts Story - Trailer

Directed, Filmed, and Edited by Elena Sarasom
Live footage from the Vancouver Experience captured by Dave Watkins

When piloting the BodyThoughts show in Vancouver in October, I noticed Elena. She stayed for several hours and sat in front of each picture in deep, reflective conversation. She approached me before she left to say, "Thank you," and to express how the experience had moved and inspired her.

A couple months later, I received an email from her. Elena wrote about how she was a filmmaker and that she was interested in telling my story, and by extension, the BodyThoughts story. I was hesitant. I didn't want anything to be sensationalized or taken out of context or portrayed in a way that didn't feel honest or accurate or authentic. But after several hours of conversation with Elena, and after hearing about what BodyThoughts had meant to her, I began to understand her genuine passion to tell this story. I felt an intuitive trust, and agreed.

We filmed for two days in my Vancouver apartment (which doubles as my studio) in December.

I have been hesitant to share these clips because of the vulnerability they capture. It brings you into the quiet moments where I am creating and exploring. It is, in essence, the place from which BodyThoughts has grown, and while I feel an immense amount of vulnerability in sharing this, I also realize it is in an important story to tell.

I’ve received many questions about what BodyThoughts is, how it started, and most importantly, why it was created. It has always been my desire to use art to create immersive and impactful experiences that leave people both empowered and challenged. While BodyThoughts is my proudest creation to date, I have found it very difficult to articulate just what it is. I feel that whatever I say doesn't do it justice, as the story is literally unfolding every single day.

These short films are the closest thing to answering the questions and sharing my story. 

This trailer is a snippet of the full 8-minute mini-documentary, to be released next week, that Elena Sarasom has so beautifully directed, filmed, and edited. It includes live footage from the Vancouver experience captured by Dave Watkins

We have heard from many people how the BodyThoughts experience has impacted them, but I often find myself surprised at how this journey continues to sneakily impact and transform me

I feel truly privileged to share this work with you.

The Toronto BodyThoughts show is our biggest yet, and the last in Canada before we head to the US. I am excited and honoured for you to attend and experience it yourself. 

With gratitude,