Body Thoughts: A Collection of YOUR Thoughts

Photos by sara's spectrum

"I’ve never had what I consider to be the perfect body, and I never will. It has never bothered me apart from the odd floating thought after a big meal or lazy day. That may put me in the minority. I’ve had a hard time relating to the body image issues I’ve seen my family and friends experience. I realize that I am more attracted to ‘real’ bodies (scars, bruises, rolls, stretch marks, hair) than to ‘perfect’ bodies. Imperfections are signs of life I can relate to." 


"I feel beautiful when I'm pouring my heart into any endeavour I care deeply about. The beauty comes from a sense of feeling whole and filled with self love. Giving myself time to drive betterment in the world from a place of genuine authenticity is warming and feels gorgeous."


"There is so much emphasis on how we carry ourselves; how we wear our hair, clothes and nails. They’re all superficial illusions. If we embrace ourselves in a way that reflects our personalities, wisdom and ideologies, then we will place less emphasis on our outer imperfections."


"I hide my body all the time. It started when I was young, and now two children later and in my early 40s I still hide my body. I guess I never thought about why. The first idea that arrives for me is control. I hide what I can’t control and I show what I can. I was proud to show off my pregnant body. My breasts and stomach were amazing. It’s the only time in my life where I loved parts of my body. Will we ever love our bodies every day?"


"I don't feel as though I get to choose what is beautiful in another person. If we get the opportunity to truly connect, I think it is they who choose to share their beauty with me. I can't say I'm not ever interested in the opposite sex, for example, if they're “hot", but the attraction is almost immediately gone without some sort of connection because the feeling is empty. I too, like the vast majority of people, am hard on myself because of my physical appearance, and it has made me feel less confident to put myself out there and make advances. It's tough to make the decision to just let go and be real. I'm afraid to move forward."


"My mother has aged gracefully. She has embraced wrinkles, white hair, stomach fat, cellulite and what comes with age. She does not even contemplate the idea of plastic surgery, botox or injections. And, I think that might be genetic. Why would I violate or hurt my body with needles or knives? Why not just worship it instead? Love it - surrender to imperfection, aging, to gravity and let love for my body just overwhelm me. Yes. That’s what I will do."


"I'm sure that my own body thoughts have taken over my life and I don't know many women that don't feel the same way. The way I feel about my body rules every thought I have from the minute I wake to when I fall asleep. It is exhausting."


"I wear makeup to emphasize my eyes. I wear heels to make me look slender. I wear black to make me look thinner. I puff out my curly hair to give my face more definition (if it's puffier then my face looks thinner). A part of me still relates being thin with being loved or lovable. How silly. I should just notice it and not make it wrong. Today, I live as a survivor of bulimia."


"I used to be disgusted by my body. The media, social pressure, my peers - they led me to believe i was fat - that there was too much hair in different places. That kind of disgust and self-loathing is not something anyone should experience. It has taken me to some pretty dark places. Allowing my husband to love me as I am has helped me love myself. I appreciate my body for being strong and healthy. The other day, instead of loathing my thighs for rubbing together I looked down at them, and thought, 'How cute! they're hugging smile emoticon' Thanks, thighs, for holding me up!"