HELLO TORONTO! Get ready for our BIGGEST show yet.

We’re officially three weeks away from BodyThoughts Toronto! FEBRUARY 11 DOORS OPEN.

Since January 1 we have been sleeping on friends’ couches, stealing our parents food, and commuting across Ontario to bring the BodyThoughts experience to the biggest city in Canada. It has been the wildest adventure yet, and not without its challenges. We’ve rearranged our lives to pour our hearts into this mission. Everything else is on hold.

We can’t wait to meet you, talk with you, and have you experience BodyThoughts. Tell your friends in Toronto. Share on Facebook.

We wanted to share something special, a thought from a very memorable BodyThoughts Vancouver guest, Rachel. I (Alexa) remember watching Rachel as she was listening to the audio, completely present, and deep in reflection. When she was done, she got up and ran up to me with tears filled in her eyes. She gave me the biggest hug and said, ‘thank you’. She is now part of our team, working as our brand manager. The people we’ve met along the way...there really are no words.

This is what she wanted to share with you:

"[BodyThoughts] was expansive, inclusive and curious versus perpetuating an existing state of negativity and complaint about female body image. I wasn’t given a new set of rules for how to look to be today’s superwoman, or worse, for how to be as good as or better than a man. I wasn’t reminded of the ways females have been victimized. I was invited to be me. BodyThoughts asked a simple question, and created the space to find my own truth.”

With big hearts,

Alexa and Erica