We Crashed GIRLS CLUB at an Elementary School

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Today we joined a crew of eleven year olds for Girl’s Club at an elementary school (thank you Ms. Mazzarello!). These eleven year old chicks were the best. We talked about what being a girl/lady/woman meant to them. A game was organized where teams wrote words from A-Z on a poster that described a woman or girl. We debriefed afterwards and the girls explained why they chose certain words. 

Here are a few that stood out:

Queen: “I don't think it's right that the King is higher than Queen in a deck of cards."

Be Yourself: “It’s important to be yourself. You don’t have to change who you are.”

Pretty: “A lot of girls want to be pretty. But a lot of girls don’t like a lot of things about themselves. Like, ‘I don’t like my hair. I look ugly.’ When you tell someone they’re pretty, it makes them feel good. And, it’s a huge compliment when a guy tells you that you’re pretty.”

Vibrant: “Girls are nice and bright and happy. Not all girls are always happy, but they should be.”

Mistreated: “I want to be in karate. I’ve asked my parents many times, but I’m not allowed because I'm a girl.”

Unique: “Every girl has her own personality and everyone can think differently.”

Equality: “Last year the boys were playing soccer in gym. They said, ‘Better be careful with your toes. The ball is really hard and you might hurt yourself!’ It made me mad because girls can play sports too.”

It was interesting to get insight into the young female minds of our future, to understand how they see their place in the world, and how they view those guiding the way ahead of them. It reminded us of our responsibility and why walking the walk is everything.