"Women Like You Have a Responsibility to Do What They Are Called to Do"

Photo & Words: Alexa Mazzarello

I’m sitting here thinking about you. 

Two years ago I opened a book called the Fire Starter Sessions by Danielle Laporte. My life has never been the same. 

Two years ago I emailed my favourite photographer with no expectation she’d even respond and we ended up Skyping, her little girl sitting beside her on her bed. I was humbled by HER humility and by her conviction to be the most herself. 

This has always been the thing that has inspired me. Women in the world being the most themselves. Wild women being wildly strong women. 

She said something to me I’ve held very close to my heart. She said,

"Women like you, Alexa, have a responsibility to do what they are called to do."

Those little words are always with me, every step I take, every time I’m afraid, every time I think of quitting before sharing or posting or daring to do something I actually WANT SO BADLY TO DO BUT AM AFRAID. So I pass this all on to you. Because you’re a wildly talented, powerful woman whose voice needs to be heard. 


Authenticity is magnetic. You’ll feel it within you when it’s there and others will flock to you because of it. Hence, you and I creating together. 

Don’t lose the fire. Keep your chin up. Say what you feel. Be kind. And create some fucking art to change the world. Why? Because you can. And because it’s what you’re here to do. And because it feels so damn good. And what’s life about unless it feels good?

I love you.