Meet the Founders - Part 1: How a Tornado Brought Alexa and Erica Together

BodyThoughts Team Photo - Erica & Alexa.png

Alexa was in the process of creating the first Vancouver BodyThoughts experience. The show was in three days. Scrolling through her Facebook feed, Alexa found an article written by Erica about her modeling experience. The two had met once six years ago. 

After reading Erica's article, Alexa saw immediate alignment with BodyThoughts. She sent Erica a message (actually pulled verbatim from July 2015), 

"Hi Erica! I just read your article and LOVE it. It's a topic I'm also super passionate about. I'm having my first art show here in Vancouver on it - well, body image is the theme. I wanted to let you know and say well done for taking a stand. We need more women like you <3."

To which Erica responded, 

"Hi Alexa! Thanks for the message! I thought it was important to talk about. Too many people are affected by negative body image and it impacts so many aspects of their lives. If I was in Vancouver, I'd definitely check out BodyThoughts! I hope it goes really well for you!"

Alexa sent her speaking notes to Erica. And the two began a dialogue, working back and forth with the content. Alexa decided to call Erica,

"I know this is absolutely insane because it's in two days, but you should really come to BodyThoughts from Calgary. If you spoke, it would round out the entire experience. It would make the event so special."

Erica thought about it, "I would love to be there. But, it doesn't really make sense for me. Vancouver is an eleven hour drive, or a $500 plane ticket. I can't come. I really support what you're doing, but let me know for next time."

Alexa chose to be bold, "Well, until you're not here, I'm just going to assume it's a yes."

The "no" decision did not sit well with Erica. The show looked incredible. And, it was a cause she really cared about. She decided to wait for a sign.

The next morning, while drinking her coffee, the news alert on her phone erupted: TORNADO WARNING FOR CALGARY AND SURROUNDING AREAS. TAKE SHELTER AND STAY AWAY FROM WINDOWS.

Erica collected a couple of things and headed into the basement. This was the first time a tornado warning had been issued for Calgary in her entire life.

While crouched beside the washing machine, she decided, "When the tornado warning is over, I will go to Vancouver for BodyThoughts."

A few hours later, Erica called Alexa from the car, "I'm on the TransCanada highway heading to Vancouver! See you tomorrow morning!"

Part 2 - Meet the Founders - Coming Soon...