Alexa Mazzarello | Photo by Shelan Markus

Alexa Mazzarello | Photo by Shelan Markus


Founded by photographer Alexa Mazzarello, BodyThoughts aims to challenge the way people experience the world through their bodies AND the way we contribute to how bodies are represented in the world. 

With a background in sociology and public health, Alexa had a unique perspective when she picked up the camera and started working as a full-time freelance photographer. Her clients were mostly women and girls, and she couldn't help but notice how almost every single subject spoke about themselves as they were being photographed. 

"The thing was, it was everyone, and I just didn't see what they saw in themselves. It really had me discover my own conversation...the one I'd been having with myself for so long but never really said out loud. I wanted to go deeper and do something about it. I wanted to create an experiential show that brought people safely into a conversation."
So came BodyThoughts, a multimedia experience originating in Vancouver as an art pop-up. The experience is made up of portraits Alexa took of her own body, an audio interview, questions for guests on cue cards, and conversation curators who are there to encourage dialogue with guests. 

Because of its success, Alexa took the show to Toronto in February 2016 where it received coverage from CBC, Elle Canada and Notable.ca.

Alexa has been invited to speak about BodyThoughts at TEDxSFU in Vancouver on November 5. The theme is "Take the Leap."